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We hear about different events relevant for survivors of childhood abuse and those supporting them. On these pages you can find out about the appeals that we are aware of, both within the UK and internationally.

If you are running an appealt that you think we should be aware of please send the relevant information to the NAPAC office.


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I’m a reporter with the BBC – and I’m looking into the growing problem of children sexually abusing other children.  I’m looking for someone who was abused as a child by a child perpetrator and would be willing to talk to me about it.  It would be in confidence and I would be more than happy to speak on the phone first before meeting up.  I can assure you the subject will be handled with the utmost sensitivity.  Please contact me if you’re interested on you.


‘Crime & Cover Up’ will be one of the first documentaries of its type to be funded on the crowd sourcing website The campaign will go LIVE on WEDNESDAY 15th MAY 2013 for 60 days and the team hopes to raise $100,000USD for the film.

‘Crime & Cover Up’ will expose the true scale of widespread, systematic child abuse that has remained hidden within the Catholic Church in England and Wales for decades. 

To date, there has never been an appropriate, independent statutory investigation into Clerical sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales. For more than a decade Roman Catholic leaders in England and Wales have insisted that they acted early to address this issue and properly protect children in their care. But we know this isn't true. We hope this documentary will expose the shocking truth about abuse by priests and religious in diocese all across England and Wales and force the British government to implement a statutory, entirely independent inquiry into the scale of clerical sexual abuse, and legislate for mandatory reporting of child abuse within schools. Currently schools in England and Wales’ child protection policies are based on ‘guidelines’ only and not on laws requiring mandatory reporting of all concerns to the relevant state authorities.

This isn't a story based in the distant past; it’s a story of abuse and cover up that post dates the revelations in the USA, Ireland and across the Roman Catholic World. These revelations will reignite the scandals that have dogged the Roman Catholic Church over the past twenty years or more and one which will challenge the newly elected Pope Francis to respond to clerical crimes.

‘Crime & Cover Up’ will bring together a team critical in breaking the silence surrounding Catholic child abuse in Ireland and the USA.  Award-winning investigative journalist and filmmaker, Sarah Macdonald will be supported by Colm O’Gorman, survivor of clergy child abuse, author and renowned human rights activist. Father Tom Doyle, a world renowned canon lawyer, and Dr. Ann Olivarius, managing partner of law firm AO Advocates, also lend their full support and expertise to the film.

This is a global funding raising campaign for a documentary with global repercussions.  Funding this documentary will be a large step towards gaining full recognition for all victims of Clergy child abuse worldwide.

 To watch our campaign video and to donate please go to:

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Contact Details: Etienne Duval, London correspondent RTS national Swiss Television 07785 346 356







Contact Info: Mo Davies:




We are looking for 3 groups of (right-handed) young people between the ages 12-20: 1) Healthy young people 2) Young people who have been physically abused before the age of 12 3) Young people who have NOT experienced physical/sexual abuse BUT have experienced another traumatic event (Ideally volunteers will be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), however, we will asses this so it is not essential) Volunteers will need to be able to come along to the Institute of Psychiatry for a brain scan and to fill in some questionnaires with a carer/family member (if under 16 years old).

They will be given £70 to thank them for their time and we can arrange transport or reimburse them for travel. Thank you very much,

Contact: Lena Lena L. Lim Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (PO 85) Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London De Crespigny Park London SE5 8AF

More Info: Please Download Flyer for all information on this appeal.

Contact: Hannah Clements, Please contact Hannah via her blog contact page at



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