Open quotes red    Knowing that the organisation exists, turning to the support line and learning of resources to use in trying to heal - all of these have put me on a better and safer path in life. All I can say are these simple yet heartfelt words, thank you.   Close quotes red



Help us campaign

There are millions of adult survivors of childhood abuse in the UK and NAPAC is expanding to meet increasing demand placed on its limited resources. Even with our relatively low profile we are receiving hundreds of calls to the Support Line each week, and can only answer a small percentage of those calls.

We know it can be devastating to those of you who pluck up the courage to call NAPAC and find that you can't actually get through because the lines are busy. In order to support more people we simply need more money.

If you believe our government should be funding NAPAC, please send your thoughts and opinions to us in a letter (address below). The more voices we have on our side the more likely we are to be heard. Giving survivors a voice is a major deterrent to abusers.

Funding Campaign
P O BOX 63632

Even better would be to write to your local Member of Parliament. To find out who your MP is click here and then send your letter to the address below. A copy to us would also be helpful.

<Name of your MP>
House of Commons


If you have used the NAPAC's Support Line or email support, please give us your feedback to help us with fundraising and and to tell us how we can improve the work we are doing.

Feedback helps us to raise money for the NAPAC Support Line. We need to be able to prove to funders the positive effect that NAPAC is having on those who call us and those who view our website.

Not only does your feedback help us fundraise but it is also important for us to hear where we can improve the services that we provide.

Please download and fill out one (or both, if applicable) of the NAPAC surveys. This can be done anonymously.

Once completed you can either email it to or print it off and post it to:

P O BOX 63632

Thank you!