Open quotes red    It is good to know you are not alone. Sometimes I used to think I was the only one who had been to hell and back many many times. Thank you for listening.   Close quotes red

A female survivor


Media and press contact only

Within normal UK working hours, please contact Peter Saunders on 020 3176 0560.

Out of hours media and press contact only

Contact Peter Saunders 07977 975402

What we are

NAPAC is the only national organisation dedicated to supporting adult survivors of any type of childhood abuse.

Who we are

NAPAC was established in 1997 by Peter Saunders, who is himself a survivor of abuse. Trustees and volunteers for NAPAC currently include people who have direct experiences of childhood abuse, and professionals working in the area of child abuse.

What we do

NAPAC responds to the distress caused in adulthood by ill treatment and/or neglect in childhood.

How we do it

We run a freephone Support Line that directs callers to support in their local area.

NAPAC also sends out a resource pack and booklist to every email and postal request. The response is personal to each person's experiences and needs. This service is also free.

The NAPAC website lists details of UK support groups as well as electronic versions of the packs we send out.

Media files

This section makes further detailed information available about NAPAC, the support it provides, the issues and impact of child abuse on surviving adults.



Trigger warning: Material may trigger some painful memories