Open quotes red    I know I am not alone in this traumatic suffering of abuse but having people like 'NAPAC' is a comfort to those of us that are trying to rebuild our lives. I would highly recommend NAPAC.   Close quotes red

A female survivor


Trigger warning: Material may trigger some painful memories

Finding the support

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We know you probably have many questions you want answers to as we hear many questions from survivors of abuse.

For example:


Unfortunately, we do not have all the answers but we hope that what we are able to share with you is helpful, particularly in relation to some common questions listed below which our support line and email support come across regularly.

I want to report my abuser to the police. Can I do this? How do I do this?

The ever changing law and the criminal justice system are complicated areas and each case concerning childhood abuse must be looked at carefully by professionals. Whilst NAPAC does not currently employ any legal professionals to address or advise survivors and their supporters regarding any prosecution cases, you can download our leaflet on Legal Information here. You may also find useful information to help you further on the following organisations' websites:

Have you got any leaflets/information on abuse?

Yes we have: So far, NAPAC (kindly sponsored by AO Advocates) has produced six very useful booklets which answer many of the common questions asked by adult survivors of childhood abuse. These are available to download for free. Click on an image below of the booklet you would like to download.

Download booklet: Survivors?
Download booklet: Was it really abuse?
Download booklet: It wasn't your fault
Download booklet: You are not alone


Download booklet: Healing?
Download booklet: Untangling the web of confusion?

Audio versions of our booklets seen above:


The above booklets are now available in Spanish Click here to download.

Myths Surrounding Abuse



Survivors under 18 years old looking for support



Kindly note that whilst NAPAC makes every attempt to check the veracity of the resources contained within its website, NAPAC cannot take any responsibility for the organisations, the individuals involved or their website contents. NAPAC does not endorse or recommend any of the resources mentioned on its website but merely aims to inform you of the possible services available. Please take care when searching for help and don't give up until you find the ongoing support you deserve.