Open quotes red    Thank you NAPAC. Your team were brilliant. They've helped me to turn my life around. I thought I would never come to terms with what happened to me as a child but you have shown me that recovery and healing is possible. Thank you from the hurting child deep inside my memory.   Close quotes red

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May 2013


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February 2013

radio4 logoRadio4 kindly granted us an appeal slot which will be aired on 24th February Tune in and Listen out for Michael Mansfield QC who will be making the appeal.

Michael Mansfield QC & P.Saunders


December 2012

Message from NAPAC Founder and CEO Pete Saunders.

Those who have been attempting to get in touch with NAPAC have probably realised by now that we are being overwhelmed with requests for help and support. Well that is why we exist, to help and support our fellow survivors or their families. However, we never anticipated the many thousands who have come forward these past weeks following the outrageous Savile revelations. We know there are millions of survivors out there but the personal(and media) response has been phenomenal.What we are extremely conscious of is that we are a relatively small charity responding to massive demand. So NAPAC needs to expand rapidly to meet that demand and the only way we can do that is with more resources. To get those resources we need funds.
There are two massive favours you could do for us right now. One is to write to your Member of Parliament asking them to support NAPAC. I won't suggest the format of the letter but a short message to your representative in Parliament should receive a fairly swift response. The other thing is to consider making a small (or large if you are wealthy!) donation to NAPAC each month. If every survivor in the UK was to donate just a pound or two each month we would be able to get help to just about everyone who needs it. We need to get our support groups up and running across the whole of the country. Please consider these two things. Either will make a huge difference to us and both would be perfect!  If there is any other way you feel you can help us please get in touch.
Thank you. Pete


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  • When: 2nd June 2011

    More info: Esther Rantzen CBE opened the newly expanded Support Line Centre at NAPAC's headquarters. Local dignitaries, invited guests, staff, trustees and volunteers helped celebrate the opening. Download the press release here.

    Reception for opening of new support line room


    When: 2011

    More info: NAPAC's Chair of Trustees, Jonathan Bird, has been interviewed by The Observer. TBC when appears in print.




    Trigger warning: Material may trigger some painful memories