Open quotes red    Knowing that the organisation exists, turning to the support line and learning of resources to use in trying to heal - all of these have put me on a better and safer path in life. All I can say are these simple yet heartfelt words, thank you.   Close quotes red






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  • October 2011

  • Without that phone call I'd be six feet under': The inspirational stories of how ChildLine saved lives
  • When: Sunday 2nd October 2011

    More info: "As ChildLine marks 25 years of helping the victims of abuse, its founder Esther Rantzen has written a book to commemorate its work, recounting the charity's history and the experiences of some of the thousands it has rescued. These are three of the troubling but ultimately uplifting stories that were told to Esther..." by survivors MARIA DEL MEDICO, JO OLDBURY and NAPAC's Training and Development Officer, SARAH KELLY. To read the Mail on Sunday's article, click here.

  • September 2011

  • Problem solved
  • When: Saturday 24th September 2011

    More info: Annalisa Barbieri interviewed Peter Saunders, NAPAC CEO, for her series "Problem solved" in the Guardian. To read "When I was a child my uncle behaved inappropriately towards me. I keep worrying about it and wish I had told someone", click here.

    When: Friday 2nd September 2011

    More info:

    Peter Saunders, NAPAC's CEO, was interviewed about the increase in numbers of convictions of sex offenders on BBC News (television). He also did an intensive whirlwind tour on the following radio shows:

    16:00 GLOUCESTERSHIRE REC Presenter: Steve; Producer: Steve Kitchen (Graham Gardner)
    16:08 OXFORD LIVE Presenter: James; Producer: Paul Jenner (Mike Day)
    16:15 NEWCASTLE LIVE Presenters: Martin and Anne; Producer: Patrick Tyner
    16:22 DERBY LIVE Presenter: Colin; Producer: Pamela Gupta
    16:30 LEICESTER LIVE Presenter: Martin; Producer: Tom Darby
    16:38 ESSEX LIVE Presenter: Ian; Producer: Stuart Woodward (Alison HB)
    16:45 YORK LIVE Presenter: Elly; Producer: Katy Wright
    16:52 NOTTINGHAM LIVE Presenter: Alan; Producer: Marcus Alton
    17:00 SOLENT LIVE Presenter: Steve; Producer: Nicola
    17:08 WM LIVE Presenter: Paul; Producer: Brett Birks
    17:15 MANCHESTER LIVE Presenter: Steve; Producer: Steven Saul
    17:22 SHEFFIELD LIVE Presenter: Howie; Producer: Jill Womersley
    17:30 HUMBERSIDE LIVE Presenter: Adam; Producer: Gemma Dillon
    17:38 BRISTOL LIVE Presenter: Ben; Producer: Lucy Tegg (Gareth Boulton)
    17:45 SHROPSHIRE LIVE Presenter: Liz and Adam; Producer: Elaine Muir
    17:52 H & W LIVE Presenter: Nathan; Producer: Louisa Currie

    Read more at BBC | Guardian

  • 2011

  • Chair of Trustees Interviewed
  • When: 2011

    More info: NAPAC's Chair of Trustees, Jonathan Bird, has been interviewed by The Observer. TBC when appears in print.

  • Ongoing

  • Deidre Sanders
  • When: Regularly

    More info: As one of NAPAC's long-standing patrons, Deidre Sanders, The Sun's Agony Aunt, regularly mentions NAPAC in her replies to her readers.


    Trigger warning: Material may trigger some painful memories