Open quotes red    I know I am not alone in this traumatic suffering of abuse but having people like 'NAPAC' is a comfort to those of us that are trying to rebuild our lives. I would highly recommend NAPAC.   Close quotes red

A female survivor


What Support Team Members say


Open quotes Kindness and understanding make unendurable pain, endurable. If you'd suffered like they have, wouldn't you want someone to be there for you too? Close quotes


Open quotes NAPAC was, and is, the lifeline which rescued me from a lifetime of feeling alone with my dark secret.
Helping others along the same healing path is probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done.
The bonding and friendship I have found with other survivors makes support line volunteering something I look forward to. Close quotes


Open quotes Not only have I been able to make a real difference in my life, but I can actually make a real difference in others lives too. Working for NAPAC is not only enjoyable, but you can also find a challenge, motivation, a difference like no other and very rewarding all under one roof. Close quotes


Open quotes The support NAPAC provides volunteers is amazing and you really feel part of a truly valuable team. Close quotes


Open quotes Volunteering at NAPAC is wonderful! The training has given me a full knowledge and understanding of what to expect while volunteering at NAPAC. Supporting survivors has given me the joy and happiness in knowing that I, in some way, have been able to help them when a call ends... It's an amazing experience. Close quotes


Open quotes I love working at NAPAC not only because am I giving back to society but feel really inspired being in a supportive environment with a team that has the same goal. Everyone is extremely lovely and it's a place that brings people from all backgrounds together united by something other than what we do in our day jobs. Close quotes


Open quotes The support that NAPAC offer is vital. The impact of just having someone on the other end of the phone cannot be underestimated. Close quotes


Open quotes I joined NAPAC in January 2010, undertook training requirement and first took to the support line around March 2010. I hope I have been of some help to callers and, indeed, I have had some positive feedback. My small contribution in manning the support line has been of invaluable help too, to my own personal development because of the satisfaction derived from providing to others the very thing I had needed historically but was not available to me – someone to turn to that understands. Close quotes


Open quotes Change your life: Making other lives better. It's their world too; help them live in it! Close quotes